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view general demo Motion Graphics, UI Prototypes and Video Playback Specialist UI GRAPHICS, INTERACTION AND PLAYBACK I create set-screen and prop-screen graphics from script through working prototypes to video playback. I have over 10' years of experience in the film industry. ISTVÁN GERGELY
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To make the feel of the interaction with the actor's hand better I can create UI prototypes for your devices. The actor doesn't have to synchronize his move with the screen animation, because it will be a ready-to-use device application with real touch capabilities.



I create Hero and dressing UI screen graphics. I can recommend graphics style to your project or adapt to your dream style. You will get ready-to-play videos scene by scene for your set screens. You can brief me by scene or you can ask me to evaluate the work volume from the script.



At the moment can handle 24 screens (HD) at the same time with state-of-the-art DIT video technology.  I can setup one-click loadable presets scene by scene. The video playback cue moments can even synchronize with DMX signal to act together with visual effects.

Contact info

If you need my help, please send me the NDA, a short brief, and a possible booking period. ( Minimum booking is 1 month.)

+36 30 576 19 07